COMMUNITY ROCK GARDEN? – Denise Caposey, Elizabeth Crashiolo, John Quick, Dorothy Brady, Dan Fisher, Bob Fink (pictured) and Lindsay Bagley began work on the new community garden June 18 north of the school ballfield. City crews recently removed cottonwoods from the property to make room for garden beds. Most of the first day’s work was spent digging up rocks, but they said the soil looked good. Fink boasted the biggest rock pile. JB

-Heard on the Wind-

A patron asked the waiter in a Skagway restaurant if he would take American money.
An Australian gentleman understood that there was a display of eagles hanging out the windows of a building at Sixth and Broadway.
A local guy walking into the Alaska Shirt Co. behind a group of tourists overheard this from a woman: “I sure hope I can find a shirt in here with Alaska printed on it.”
From the tour shack:
“Do you do the whitewater tram?”
“So the 12:40 train basically leaves at 12:40?”
“Where is the ferry to highness?”
“Where are the flocks of eagles?”
“Is the bottled water for the wild huskies?”
“Are y’all the yellow thing?”
Customer (heavy southern accent): “What time does the fast ferry get in?”
Sales agent: “ It gets in at 10.”
Customer: “It gets in a tent”
Finally, a man asked a tour agent where he could get an Alaska license plate, but after he was told he could buy one a sample on downtown, the man asked, “Can’t I just take one off a car?”
“That would be stealing,” the agent replied.
“No it wouldn’t,” the man insisted.
“Just don’t take it off my car.”

Well, the blotter has definitely been busy, so if a license plate shows up in the next issue, police can track it to ‘Heard on the Wind.’ Send more, please! Independence Day approaches - thank heaven for freedom of expression!