CAUGHT IN THE ACT – Left, the Days of ‘98 Show cast and crew sing “Alaska’s Flag” for a packed house at the end of the annual “Town Show.” Right, the captain of the Norwegian Pearl cheers a howl by Tourism Director Buckwheat Donahue during a cruise ship reception.
Photos by Jeff Brad

-Heard on the Wind-

People are really worried about how they look these days....

“So why do you think they built the railroad as a narrow gauge?”
“People were slimmer back in 1898.”

Woman posing for picture between the totems on 5th Ave:
“If I stand next to this totem does it make me look fat?”

A woman approached my ticket window at the depot:
“I got a ticket from the ship (for the train)” she said. I said, “Were ya going too fast?”

While walking home, a couple heard this exchange:
Husband: “I still just don’t see how people actually live here.”
Wife: “Well, I don’t think they do.”

Visitor to the Visitor center staff: “So, is this a tourist area?”

A guy was standing on the front deck of the Back Alley Rock Shop looking up at the beautiful mountains to the east and asked “How come there are no trees on top of the mountains?” After doing an eye-roll, I told him, “Trees can’t grow above the tree line.” He was satisfied with that answer.

Woman asked at visitor center desk, “Is there someplace in town that can remove the cooties from my camera?”

After one head-on encounter with a grizzly walking straight down the middle of the trail, and stepping by four piles of bear droppings on the trail, one lady asked her guide, “Do the bears use the trail?”

On a tour to and from the lookout, a visitor noticed that a police car with a radar gun had not moved. “What’s up with that?” he said. “You don’t have any donut shops in town?”

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