Presentation for the Solstice

Mayor Stan Selmer presents Captain Yannis Berbos of the new Celebrity Solstice a plaque from the municipality during a ceremony on board the huge 2,850-passenger ship, which is tying up at the new floating dock at the south end of the Railroad Dock on Tuesdays this summer. Elise Giordano


”Where are your penguins?” a visitor asked. “I ‘Googled’ before we left and it said you have them all over Alaska.”

An employee in a jewelry store was overheard saying, “They were going to build a bridge from Juneau to Skagway, but…”

A mother with three teenage daughters was leaving the Ore Dock and told the girls they could walk to town.
One of the girls whined, “But Mom, I think we’re required to take a bus!”

A tourist approached a sales clerk at the Skagway Mining Co. and asked if they had any brown polar bears.
“We can roll one in the dirt,” commented the clerk, and the visitor just looked confused.

A woman came into the visitor center at AB Hall and asked, “We thought this was something, but it’s just the outside, right?”

A man on a bus tour looked over “Tormented Valley” and said, “Do you think they brought these rocks in, or are they natural?”

A woman came into a restaurant and asked, "Where can I go to see the iceberg that sank the Titanic?"

A man called the Northern Lights restaurant and said, "Northern Lights?"
The manager answered, "Yes, it is."
The man then said, "What time do you turn on the Northern Lights?"
Manager (laughing): "I usually flip the switch at 11:15."
Man: "Okay." And hangs up.

An older tourist walks into Fairway Market and says to the senior checker, "Do you people have deodorant?"
Checker: "Ball type?"
Man (blushing), "Oh my, no, it's for my underarms."


Ahh, finally, some quality wind worthy of repeating. Keep the fresh air coming this way. Drop off your wind at the bookstore and we’ll enter you in a drawing for a copy of Skagway: City of the New Century. First drawing after the June 28 issue.