Cancer Awareness Walk-A-Thon 2013

“Look out world, class of 2013 is coming your way and ain’t nobody gonna stand in our way.” - Amanda Hoover

Walk raises big bucks

Fifty-eight walkers turned out for the 18th annual Fran Delisle Breast Cancer Awareness Walk-A-Thon on Saturday, June 8.
The 8-mile walk started at the Chilkoot Trail Outpost, taking walkers from Dyea to Skagway.
The walkathon raised just over $7,000 for research, mammograms and early detection.
The top six walkers brought in $5,000.
“As a breast cancer survivor, I think it’s important to get their screenings early,” Cindy Von Halle said.
Von Halle moved back to Skagway last summer after having surgery and receiving treatment. She has been in remission ever since.
“I would have been better if I had had an early detection,” Van Halle said.
The money raised stays in Skagway and is used for both and men and women.

Story and Photos by Elise Giordano