Top, walkers pose for the annual before-walk photo before heading back to Skagway. Bottom left, Lila Lawson stops for a snack to refuel during the 8-mile hike, and right, Tyson Ames, Tiffany Potter and their son Dane Ames show their support for local resident and family member Jan Tronrud, who is undergoing cancer treatments in Washington. Aimee O’Connor

Nearly 100 residents walk to support cancer detection, treatment

Story and Photo by Aimee O'Connor

On Saturday morning, June 7, 99 participants of the 19th annual Fran DeLisle Cancer Awareness Walk-a-Thon were taken to the Chilkoot Trail Outpost.
The group posed for a photo at the outpost before setting off on the eight mile walk that would take them over the Dyea Road to downtown Skagway armed with margaritas, homemade root beer and sweets picked up at the snack stations along the way.
Among the group of local walkers, runners and dogs were 15 California Girl Scouts who had come up on a cruise.
Over lunch served at the Elks Club, organizer Wendy Anderson announced that the group raised more than $12,773.
“This money is for you guys,” she said, talking to Skagway residents.
The money, solely for Skagway residents, will help cover early detection with an X-ray machine to conduct mammograms scheduled for Skagway this August. If further testing or treatment is needed, the funds raised will also go toward travel costs to Bartlett Regional Hospital in Juneau.
Along with the top money raiser, Alison Walker, who brought in $3,910, White Pass & Yukon Route agreed to match donations brought in from employees, donating an extra $2,722.



Clockwise from top: T-ball athletes round the bases during practice before the game; Coach Mike Tranel pitches to Adalia Deach during Saturday’s coach-pitch game; Adalia Deach leads off of first base while baseman Tannen Cochran keeps an eye on the game. See more photos in our print edition. - Katie Emmets