Skagway Welcomes New Ships

Skagway Mayor Tom Cochran, Millenium Captain Mike Karatzas, Skagway Port Manager Stuard Stephens, and Millenium Staff Captain Antonius Athanasiou display plaques of all shapes and sizes they exchanged at a May 26 reception. On a tour, however, was a windy moment: an Alaska Railroad train was displayed on a Skagway panel.

On behalf of the municipality, Tourism Director Buckwheat Donahue exchanges souvenirs with Tahitian Princess First Purser Paolo Rellini at a June 2 reception celebrating the ship's maiden voyage to Skagway. Dancer turned tour guide Nathan Smith shares his evening home on the Tahitian – the dance floor – with Skagway visitors.

Photos by Jeff Brady

-Heard on the Wind-

From the power dudes
A woman walked into the police department and had a formal complaint about a man, in a chair, covered in a sheet up in the power lines. The woman was told that the local telephone company was doing work on the lines and everything is OK. The lady complained that it just wasn’t right. Apparently, the workers with hard hats on, and the road blocked off by an AP&T boom truck was not enough to convince this woman that we know what we are doing.

A couple walked into AP&T for fax service and said , “So, the Office Depot must be out of town a ways?”
The worker replied, “No, we are a small town, and we don’t have big stores like that here.”
The lady said, “well, this is the most quaint town we have seen so far.”

A woman was sent to the AP&T office from the museum with what was thought to be an old insulator that she found in the river. As she was unraveling this fine treasure, from what looked like to be an ancient hanky, I was showing off our insulator collection. I turn around and she hands me this clear, river worn piece of glass. I take a closer look at the glass, and realize that this object looks like it was used for illegal purposes. I said, “Thats not an insulator!”
So she left to take it to the Park Service. An employee here said that maybe you should have told her it was a peace pipe!

Finally, from the read into this what you will department...
A local man walked into a store and observed an oosik and remarked, “How did it get so shiny? I rub and polish mine at home and it never gets that shiny.”

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