Scott Home, left, gives directions to a visitor at AB Hall’s Visitor Center, while William Simm, far right, returns from pointing out the brochure rack. The two new helpers at Skagway’s Convention & Visitors Bureau are joined by Beau Jaklitsch this summer. DL

A visitor, after examining the mannequins outside Miss Kitty’s, stated, “There sure are a lot of fake people around here.”
Possibly they visited the Mascot Saloon too.

Surely there’s more out there on the wind. Drop off your gems at the Skaguay News Depot, fax them to 983-2356, e-mail skagnews@aptalaska.net, or call the windy ones at 983-2354.

Billi Clem and Kathy Rahm leave the AB Hall and go out into the rain to take part in the Skagway Chamber of Commerce’s Spring Stroll on May 23. The event was designed to introduce summer workers to local stores and services so they’re able to answer visitors’s questions. And Frank Patoine of Hardwick, Vt., stands beside his creation, a handcarved statue of a grizzly bear at the Chilkoot Trail Outpost in Dyea. Patoine, an old friend of Fred (co-owner of the Outpost) and Ray Hosford’s father and a regular feature of the men’s boyhood, was flown here from Vermont to do the carving. He said he cut the outline with a chainsaw before handcarving it and adding a darker shade to the fur with a blowtorch. DL