A Feat by Many Feet

2003 Fran Delisle Breast Cancer Awareness Walk-a-thon

Almost all of the 99 walkers; Beth Cline attends to business as Joanne Korsmo walks; Sierra Moran and Tess Korsmo get a drink.

Kristi Murphy’s daughter Sadie was out cold most of the walk; Beth Winslow in the rear view mirror; Jen Hough shares a drink with her dog.

Volunteers extrodinaire: Kathy Hosford, Bert Prothero, Candace Cahill, Lynn Herbig, Deanna Ritari, Virginia Long, Trish Hardy, Julie Delaplaine, Bev Henderson, and Pete Grifard. Absent is Billi Clem who was pooped and Su Rappleye who was off attending to something. Almost $20,000 was raised.

Photos by Dimitra Lavrakas