OOPS - A Gray Line bus side-swiped its cousin, a Princess bus, as it turned onto 8th on a rainy May 26. Photo submitted by Ray Calver

-Heard on the Wind

“Is there a light in the mountain showing on the web cam of the cruise ship dock. It seems to be in the far background?”

Woman came up to a local and asked, "What do you call these boardwalks?" Local said "Boardwalks."

A German woman came to the visitor center and said "Where can I get crap?"

Tourist at visitor center asks if there is something complimentary to just the cruise ship people.

The CVB director told the staff at the desk that he was heading up to City Hall. He then decided to make a quick pit stop before he left. A tourist followed him into the bathroom and said, "Oh, is this City Hall?"

Four tourists photographed the old Kirmse's and Moe's signs on the rocks, then as they turned to go, one woman remarked, "Well, I think it must be phony because there wouldn't be any way to get up there."

A tourist saw the “leprechaun” in his full train uniform and remarked, “That looks like a guy who got on the train in 1898 and never got off.”

Ahhhh, the mysteries of the northland: Ghost conductors, unexplained lights, signs that appear by themselves on rocks. The wind just won’t let up, so keep it blowing it this way: skagnews@aptalaska.net, or track down the windy one.