WINDY RELEASE PARTY– The Windy Valley Boys play at the Red Onion during the release party for their first CD. The band’s album “Alaskagway” features 17 tracks. The group performs every Monday night. Katie Emmets

A local 10-year-old girl selling lemonade was asked if she was Sarah Palin’s daughter.
A visitor came in and announced he did not want a tour, he just wanted to do what the locals did. He was offered a job, but declined.
A woman approached a store clerk with a bag of “artificial snow” at the counter. You add water and it creates “snow,” that feels like snow and looks like snow.
“M’am, is this real snow? I mean, for real snow?”
The clerk told her, “No, it's artificial snow, and that if they bagged real snow it would melt and be water by now.”
She just laughed and then bought the bag.
A local woman was sitting at the Station in her Red Sox hat. A man she has never seen before walks by with a Yankees hat. The usual banter ensues. The Yankee fan proceeds to say, "but I’m actually from New York. You aren’t from Boston. You’re in Alaska."
She informed him that he too was in Alaska, to which he had no response.
A tourist with a French accent notices money on the table at the Sweet Tooth, jumps up and chases down the person that “left money on the table.”
The tourist returns and tells the hostess that “they left money on the table"
The hostess stares HARD and informs guest that it was a TIP left on table.
“Are you sure there isn’t a chiropractor here?”
At the tour counter, a visitor asked:
“On the summit city tour, what city is that?”
“This one.”
“This is a city?”
Lady in front of the Kone Kompany watched park ranger vehicle drive by. “Oh look, they just have park rangers here instead of police.”
“Do you have timeshares in this town?”
“Not in this town.”
Two women stepped into the library and said they were looking for their husbands. An observer asked what they look like.
Women: “They have beards.”
Observer: “Ma’am, this is Alaska. Everyone has beards.”
A guy comes in the Rock Shop holding up one of the owner’s ads that reads Free Rock and Sculpture Garden, asking where it was.
“In the back.”
The visitor comes on back, but after 30 seconds he says, "I have seen all the rocks and sculptures with prices on them but where are the free ones?”

Lots of rock-solid wind blowing these days. Keep whatever hat you have on tight and stay true to your team. Be a maverick, resist the heat. Some of our best friends are Canucks, but bruins also make for an interesting blotter.