FISHING ON DUTY? Officer Ken Cox takes a few minutes out of a busy summer day to wet a line, though not for a fish. After dropping his patrol keys in the small boat harbor, he receives some help from Dave Hunz and a magnet for his “catch of the day.” Photo submitted by Courtney Wilson

-Heard on the Wind-

As a group of ladies were walking on the sidewalk in front of the Skagway Snack Shack (formerly Pretzel Co) I overheard one of the ladies say to the others “Look at this sidewalk, they have made this concrete to look like a Boardwalk.
Five angry tourists confronted a Security Worker on the Rail Road Dock last weekand demanded to speak to someone in charge. In port that day were both the Carnival Spirit on the Railroad Dock AND the Empress of the North over on the Ore Dock. They boarded a SMART Bus in town and asked to be taken to the Carnival Ship. The driver left them off at the Empress and they had to walk all they way back to their ship, the Carnival Spirit. Hey SMART Bus guys - the nickname for Empress is the “Circus” ship. Get it straight!
Two middle-aged women were studying the program schedule at the National Park Visitor Center.
One said, “Look, they have a free movie, and ranger-guided historical walking tours.”
“Forget it,” replied the second woman. “I don’t need that much knowledge.”
On a rare 70-degree May day in Skagway, a woman approaches the information desk at the National Park Service Visitor Center.
“Is it always this hot in Alaska?” she asks. “The cruise literature said to dress in layers – I did and I’m roasting!”
“My God, there’s a Starbucks! It must be civilized.”
Overheard in the Stowaway garden:
Man: “All the light up here makes everything grow really big.”
Woman: “Well, I’m buying my husband a one-way ticket and he can’t come back until it’s huge!”

Oh, behave! This isn’t the wild, wild west. It’s the almost anything goes north. The windy one will be on the river next week, so e-mail any significant gusts to or drop them off at the bookstore.