Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park Superintendent Mike Tranel, left, gives Capt. Idar Hoydal of the Norwegian Jewel books about Skagway as part of a welcome reception for the ship’s inaugural season in Alaska. Kile Brewer

A visitor asked where they could get an item, while pointing at a picture in a coupon book. The retail employee said, "That's in Ketchikan."
The tourist replied, "Where is that store?"

A phone conversation overheard at the bookstore:
“Where are you?” asked the caller.
After a long pause, the person replied, “At the bookstore…. Where is the bookstore? Is it next to that building that looks really old?”

A newcomer to Alaska was on a tour and asked about the flora and fauna. At one point the guide talked about Rubus Spectabilis, aka Salmonberry, to which the very nice but not overly bright lady responded, "Alaskan salmon eat berries? How do they jump that high?"

A man in the historic 1898 Red Onion Saloon was heard remarking, “I wonder what it must have been like here way back in 1933.”

The train whistle tooted and a woman said, “Bless you!”

Keep your wind coming via email or little notes passed on to the bookstore women, but remember to cover that whistle when you sneeze. Wind with germs can cause a reaction.