OOPS – A sailboat runs aground in the Small Boat Harbor. Jeff Brady

-Heard on the Wind-

Thank goodness, the wind is back and stronger than ever...

“Do you have snakes in the water up here? There’s all these little things sticking up out of the water with little heads on them,” said a visitor, who still did not believe he was seeing otters from the deck of his stateroom, several stories above the water.

When one Klothes Rush clerk asked who knew how to open the safe, a tourist spoke up. “I do,” he said.

“I got drunk in the Red Onion Saloon and I missed my boat. Now, what do I do?” asked a visitor.

A guy walks into the Back Alley Rock Shop and says “Oh dude, this is a real rock shop man, I was looking for a poster of Lynyrd Skynyrd, man.”

Recently a man walked into the the airport terminal and jumped back when he saw the museum display. “Is that a real bear?” he exclaimed.
“Now accepting applications for zoo keepers. I guess we are supposed to feed it,” noted the new terminal dude.

Finally, a woman accidentally flushed her glasses down one of the toilets at the rail depot. She wanted a ticket agents to retrieve them for her. “Ummmmm.... hmmmm....yeah ....I don’t think so,” replied the agent.

The wind is warming up with the temperature, keep the wind coming in our direction. Write them down and e-mail them to skagnews@aptalaska.net, or drop them off at the News Depot.