We present to you....

The class of 2008 watches a very young Cody Burnham appear on the wall during a slideshow. Sierra Moran gives middle school teacher Jo Trozzo flowers for inspiring her.

... the class of 2008

Brent Conrad Beckner

Cody William Burnham

Joshua Jacob Cotton

Lachlan Arthur Ian Dennis

Allie Anne Doland

Cierra Rae Hahn

Erica Marie Harris

Jacob Thor Henricksen

Nathaniel David Herbig

Thomas Cooper Kirko

Teslyn Jane Korsmo

Kristen Leanne Moore

Sierra Dawn Moran

Josh Cotton looks up and beams after flipping his tassle and walking out during the recessional. Eighth graders liste to graduating seniors explain how to get the best out of high school.

Tom Kirko grins as he walks in during the processional. Kristen Moore receives her diploma. Erica Harris hugs her mom after receiving a scholarship from the Eagles Auxilary.

Cierra Hahn delivers her valedictory address. Jake Henricksen receives his diploma from School Board President Darren Belisle.

Photos by Andrew Cremata

Memorable Quotes....

"Never have I thought this day would come so soon.... I don't know what I wrote." – Tom Kirko, opening speech

"There are so many opportunities at a small school.... This is your home." - Erica Harris

"Every moment is a learning opportunity.... You have given me the greatest opportunity I could have as a teacher. Be fearful of nothing. Dream big." – Ryan Prnka, speaker

"(To the class of 2012) I know you can't wait to get out of here. (To the class of 2008) I think it would be an understatement to say we're one of a kind." – Cierra Hahn, valedictory speech

"Do as I do or don't do as I do.... Keep yourself involved... Get out there and explore life.... I say we call it a night." – Teslyn Korsmo, closing speech