The first ship of the season, the Norwegian Sun, is pushed away from the port after its inaugural visit on May 7. - DL

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A couple gets off the Sun Princess and tells a ship photographer: “We don’t want our picture taken – we look like tourists.”

A woman called to book a ticket on the free Mothers’ Day train, and said she heard about it on the radio.
Suspecting something was not right, she was asked where she was calling from.
“Texas,” was the answer.
When told the train was in Alaska, she said, “Alaska. Where’s Alaska?”

A woman standing on Broadway asked if there was a grocery store close by.
“Two blocks away,” was the reply.
“Isn’t there anything closer?” she asked.

And over at the airport terminal, the ticket agents have grown so weary of answering questions about the vacant front area that people can’t access, that they’ve come up with this stock answer: “It’s an I.Q. test to see if you can get into the building.” And as for the vacant museum display area inside that has yet to be filled: “That’s our child care facility.”

This rock just north of U.S. Customs resembles a raven. DL