Bittersweet Farewell

Lucie Straub heads to the podium for her diploma during the graduation ceremony on May 16.


Jennifer Lee Andrews
Tyler Joe Cochran
Miranda Rose Collecchi
Kortney Renae Downen
Kyle Joseph Fairbanks
Lucas Sterling Heger
Marion Huteau
Colleen Kristine Ketterman
Arlen Thomas McCluskey
Jerod Dwaine Moore
James Allen Moseley
Aaron Boyd Neitzer
Brandie Mae Schneider
Lucie Jean Straub

Notable Quotations from Graduation Night, May 16, 2003

“We’re grown up, no matter how much our parents don’t want to let us go ... Good-bye Skagway, hello world!” - Miranda Collecchi, in her closing remarks.

“Be careful, class of 2007, and to the class of 2003, strive to be happy,”
– speaker Jaime Gagnier, after reciting the poem “Desiderata.”

Colleen Ketterman cries before the ceremony talking with friends.

“College is not something we all will do or have to do. Find the job that is right for you, and if you don’t need college to get there, good for you.” – Kortney Downen, in her message to her senior classmates.

“I would think that a country that could find a place for a teenager on the front lines in war can find as important a place for them in time of peace.” - speaker Linda Calver

Kortney Downen welcomes guests to the graduatio, and salutatorian Jerod Moore receives his diploma from Superintendent Michael Dickens.

“Make short and long term goals that can help you get through high school. Your goal should be to learn something in every class, every day.” - Valedictorian Arlen McCluskey, dispensing some serious advice.

From left to right: Leah Marie Moore, Adam Hollis Makeah Twitchell, Trevor John Van Houten, Brandy Mikel Wilson, Ryan Timothy Forester, Christiana Barbara Rose Heynen,and Shawn Michael Landers stand as they’re recognized as graduating eighth graders.

“Listen to the seniors, (even if they duct tape you to a tree) not the teachers ... and remember what Homer Simpson said: ‘Trying is the first step toward failure.’” - Salutatorian Jerod Moore’s advice to the incoming freshmen, after a humorous look back at the seniors.

Marion Huteau is overcome with emotion as Jerod Moore (far left),Jenny Andrews and Luke Heger clap for a classmate. Tyler Cochran accepts his diploma from School Board President Chris Ellis as his classmates look on.

“I changed my cruise to Royal Caribbean (because they gave a scholarship) and I’m going to let them know that I’m paying four times what they gave.” - Superintendent Michael Dickens


American Legion (for Jeff & Lynne Ruff): Lucie Straub
American Legion Aux. (doll raffle): Lucie Straub
Alaska Emblem Clubs: Arlen McCluskey
Emblem Club #111: Colleen Ketterman, Jerod Moore
Eagles Auxiliary: Jerod Moore, Arlen McCluskey, Tyler Cochran
Eastern Star: Tyler Cochran, Kortney Downen
Eagles No. 25: Jenny Andrews, Tyler Cochran
Eagles- J.D. True Memorial: Kortney Downen
Eagles - Days of ‘98 Show: Jerod Moore
Conard Family: Colleen Ketterman
Elma McMillen: Colleen Ketterman
Cy Coyne Memorial: Jerod Moore
Lynne Ruff Memorial (she taught five members of the class of 2003 in kindergarten): Kortney Downen, Colleen Ketterman
Glen Mitchell Sports: Colleen Ketterman, Kortney Downen
David Fredricks Memorial (from school staff donations): Jerod Moore
Jack Kirmse Freshman: Arlen McCluskey
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line: Arlen McCluskey
Elks No. 431: Colleen Ketterman, Brandie Schneider, Kortney Downen, Lucie Straub, Kyle Fairbanks, Aaron Neitzer, Arlen McCluskey, Jerod Moore, Tyler Cochran, Reed Lawson (Klawock)
Skagway News Co. Communication Arts: Jerod Moore (music & drama), Lucie Straub (journalism & creative writing)
Student Council: Colleen Ketterman
White Pass & Yukon Route: Arlen McCluskey, Jerod Moore, Aaron Neitzer, Tyler Cochran, Brandie Schneider, Kortney Downen
Chilkoot Insurance Agency: Brandie Schneider
U.S. Dept. of Education - Sen. Byrd: Arlen McCluskey
Principal: Jerod Moore
University of Idaho President’s Award: Jerod Moore
U. of Alaska Academic Achievement: Arlen McCluskey
U. of Alaska Housing (if attending): Arlen McCluskey, Jerod Moore
Michael Dickens: checks to all seniors