Graduation Night

photos by Jeff Brady

Bethany Hisman, Garrett Henry, Rory Jacquot, Hank Burnham, and Thomas Knorr turn their tassles after receiving their diplomas, and School Board President Chris Ellis hands Bethany Hisman her diploma from Superintendent Dickens.

Class of 2004

Henry Levi Burnham
Garrett Daniel Henry
Bethany A. Hisman
Rory Jacquot
Thomas Craig Knorr

Motto: “Consider the snowflake - each one is unique,but look what they can do when they stick together.” – Unknown

Eighth graders laugh at the advice of Salutatorian Rory Jacquot (left): “The less you talk, the less you get into trouble.”

Ron Ackerman tells graduates to work hard in college because it won’t be easy. Junior attendants Jason O'Daniel and Crystal Ketterman march in the flags.

Steaven McKnight plays with balloons as adults congratulate the new graduates. Valedictorian Thomas Knorr dispenses advice to his classmates.

Awards banquet honors several students

Two foreign exchange students were given top awards at the annual Skagway City School awards banquet on May 10.
Kevin Wang of Taiwan was named “Student of the Year” for his balance of academics and activities. Wang picked up wrestling and the tuba this year and was honored for both, in addition to being an honor roll student. Another exchange student, Christina Stube of Germany, won the Victor Marshall Award for the best grade point average.
The Principal’s Award for most inspirational or improved student went to freshman Makeah Twitchell.
Top athletes were Savannah Ames and Thomas Knorr, and Knorr also won the George Thiel Award for the best student athlete.

Top students Kevin Wang (left) and Christina Stube, along with Michelle Harris, receive music awards from Barry Beckett; top athletes Savannah Ames and Thomas Knorr; and Makeah Twitchell with his Principal’s Award.

Here is a rundown of other awards:

Attendance (3 or fewer absences)- Jr. High: Meredith Hisman, Erica Harris; High School: Makeah Twitchell, Jason O’Daniel, Florian Wischnat, Thomas Knorr.
Perfect Attendance: Lachlan Dennis.
Honor Roll (3.0-3.75 GPA first 3 quarters): Max Carlson, Tylor Forester, Meredith Hisman, Cody Burnham, Lachlan Dennis, Jake Henricksen, Nate Herbig, Kristen Moore, Gloria Blanchard, Leah Moore, Brandy Wilson, Trevor Cochran, Michelle Harris, Tiffanie Potter, Kevin Wang, Savannah Ames, Jason O’Daniel, Florian Wischnat, Thomas Knorr.
Superintendent’s Honor Roll (3.76-4.00 GPA): Shelby Surdyk, Brent Beckner, Ali Doland, Cierra Hahn, Erica Harris, Aaron Kilburn, Teslyn Korsmo, Audrey Neitzer, Crystal Ketterman, Christina Stube.
Music Awards: Outstanding high school musician: Kevin Wang; Outstanding junior high musician: Lachlan Dennis; Valdez honor band: Nate Herbig, Aaron Kilburn, Shelby Surdyk; Additional band letters: Leah Moore, Gloria Blanchard, Michelle Harris.
German: Michelle Harris, third in state.
Student Government: Crystal Ketterman, president; Savannah Ames, vice president; Cory Belisle, secretary; John McCluskey, treasurer; school board rep., Jason O’Daniel; class reps., Thomas Knorr, Florian Wischnat, Max Jewell, Audrey Neitzer, Tiffanie Potter, Trevor VanHouten, Leah Moore.
Broadcasting: Florian Wischnat, Kevin Wang, Michelle Harris, Trevor VanHouten, Leah Moore.
Woodworking: Florian Wischnat, Gloria Blanchard, Kevin Wang, Bethany Hisman, Cory Belisle, Brandy Wilson.
Math: Aaron Kilburn, Brent Beckner, Thomas Knorr.
Social Studies: Savannah Ames.
Technology: Outstanding- Jason O’Daniel, Thomas Knorr, John McCluskey; Graphic Design- Rory Jacquot. Yearbook - Audrey Neitzer, Tiffanie Potter, Candi Ketterman, Crystal Ketterman, Brandy Wilson, Cierra Hahn, Erica Harris.
Cross-country: Outstanding- Kyle Mulvihill (two-time region champ,) and Candi Ketterman (8th in region); Most Improved- John McCluskey, Tiffanie Potter; Most Inspirational- Crystal Ketterman; other letters- Florian Wischnat, Thomas Knorr; other team members- Garrett Henry, Leah Moore, Teslyn Korsmo, Ali Doland.
Volleyball: Captain and Outstanding- Savannah Ames; Co-captain and Most Improved- Audrey Neitzer; other letters- Tiffanie Potter, Brandy Wilson, Leah Moore.
Wrestling: Outstanding- Crystal Ketterman; Most Improved- Michelle Harris; State honors- Kevin Wang; other letters- Ryan Forester, Thomas Knorr.
Cheerleading: Crystal Ketterman and Michelle Harris.
Girls Basketball (Region V 2A Champs, banner unveiled): Captain and MVP- Savannah Ames (all-state and all-region); Most Improved- Candi Ketterman; Most Inspirational- Tiffanie Potter; other letters- Crystal Ketterman, Gloria Blanchard, Grace Blanchard, Audrey Neitzer, Michelle Harris, Christina Stube.
Boys Basketball: Captain and MVP- Thomas Knorr (all-region); Most Improved- Henry Burnham; Most Inspirational- Trevor Cochran; other letters- Garrett Henry, John McCluskey, Makeah Twitchell, Kevin Wang, Florian Wischnat.