Skagway Celebrates Seniors

The senior class holds masks of their childhood faces during Kaitlyn Surdyk’s valedictory speech.

Class of 2011

John Edward Doland
Jestine Lyn Ellis
Devin Michael Fairbanks
Alexis Marie Grieser
Monica Louise Harris
Bryce Julien Jones
Dwayne Edward ‘JR’ Madden
Samuel Harrison Madden
Brandy Marie Mayo
Kaylie Maryah O’Daniel
Katilyn Raye Surdyk

Salutatorian Jesse Ellis graduates with no shoes on, and eighth grade graduates Danai Kiosse, Taylor Carlson, Zoe Wassman and Trysten Burnham listen to advice about high school from senior class members.

JR Madden hands out a flower during a comencement tradition, and former Skagway High School teacher Josh Coughran came from Maryland to give the guest speaker address to students he watched grow up.

Alexis Grieser poses with her diploma and colorful socks.

“You’re in charge of your future and nobody else.”
Brandy Mayo

“When in doubt, keep your mouth shut.”
John Doland

“Remember where you came from. This is a special place. You will always have the love and support of this community.”
Josh Coughran, guest speaker