SHS Commencement 2005

Graduate Jason O’Daniel is hugged by the School Board’s Darren Belisle as Michael Dickens and Christine Ellis enjoy the moment

“All are over 18, as I have been reminded a bunch of times.... After seeing that class video (which showed some class members spinning in the ice and snow at the Ore Dock parking lot). I want you to know there’s an insurance agent in the audience, and you can now pay for your own insurance.” – Supt. Michael Dickens

“Today I met one of my major goals – to graduate from Skagway High School..... The preparation that this school has given me is invaluable.” – John McCluskey, welcoming speech

“Ask yourself what the big rocks are in my life and put them in your jar first.” – graduation speaker Gary Trozzo, after placing rocks in jar and then asking if the jar is full, then continually adding sand, gravel and finally water until it is full.

Crystal Ketterman gives advice to the rising Class of 2009,

“I will be the first one to say that I’m really going to miss it.... I’d thank everyone but won’t mention them all now. It’s in the yearbook and they’re on sale for $32.” – Crystal Ketterman, salutatorian and yearbook editor

“If you told Mrs. Trozzo to shut up and you lived to tell about it ... if you have the attention span of a goldfish ... if you can’t cook but put your fingers in everybody’s food ... if a maid in Cancun has seen you enough times in your underwear to scar you for life ... you might be a graduating senior.” – Jason O’Daniel, valedictorian, mimicking his favorite comedian, Jeff Foxworthy.

The Class of 2005 laughs at verbal jabs from speaker Gary Trozzo (below).

“Thanks for coming out and supporting the senior class one last time.” – Savannah Ames, closing speaker

Photos by Casey Grove

Class of 2005
Savannah Ames
Cory Belisle
Melissa Carduso
Max Jewell
Crystal Ketterman
John McCluskey
Jason O’Daniel
Class Motto

“To accomplish great things we must dream as well as act.” – Anatole France

AP&T - Crystal Ketterman
Am. Legiona Auxiliary - John McCluskey
Eagles Auxiliary - Crystal Ketterman
City of Skagway Cy Coyne Memorial - Crystal Ketterman
David Michael Fredricks Memorial - Crystal Ketterman
Order of Eastern Star - Crystal Ketterman
Violet Conard Family - Crystal Ketterman
Elma McMillen Memorial - Savannah Ames
Emblem Club - Crystal Ketterman, Savannah Ames
Glen Mitchell Sports - Crystal Ketterman, John McCluskey
Jack Kirsme Memorial Freshman - Crystal Ketterman
Jack Kirmse Memorial Sophomore - Thomas Knorr, Rory Jacquot
Pat Moore Memorial - John McCluskey
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines - Crystal Ketterman
Eagles JD True Memorial- Max Jewell
Eagles Stan Herpst Memorial - Cory Belisle
Eagles State - Savannah Ames
Eagles Days of ‘98 - Crystal Ketterman
Elks - Crystal Ketterman, Savannah Ames, John McCluskey, Max Jewell, Cory Belisle
SHS Yearbook - Crystal Ketterman
SHS Student Council - Crystal Ketterman
Skagway News Communication Arts - Jason O’Daniel, Crystal Ketterman
Sealaska - Cory Belisle
University of Alaska Scholar - Jason O’Daniel
WP&YR - Savannah Ames, Cory Belisle, Max Jewell, Crystal Ketterman, John McCluskey