At the start of the day in the bank, people were in line, teller windows were staffed, and all of the banking staff were in their places, when a lady walked in and, in a surprised way, exclaimed, "Is this a real bank?”

As a SMART bus was driving out of town across the bridge, one of the ladies on board said "Oh look, the Rio Grande".
A gentleman responded, "That can't be, it’s not red.”
The driver chimed in, "It’s the head waters, that’s why it’s not red."

The new bike patrol officer was asked if the reason police officers rode bikes was because the town could not afford to give them police cars.

A Skagway resident was walking downtown and saw a woman point at a jewelry store. She said to the man next to her, “These are the stores that keep a small town going.”

A TEMSCO helicopter was seen hauling a sling-load of provisions up to Glacier Station. A visitor asked, “Do they always take people up hanging on a rope?”

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