Visitors head into Skagway from the Carnival Miracle on May 3, 2013. Jeff Brady

A couple walks into the bookstore and comments:
“Do you guys clean every night, like the whole town? It’s SO clean! We’ve never been somewhere so clean - you could practically eat off the street.”
Two men walk off a ship at the Broadway Dock and notice the fish ladder spilling water from Pullen Creek into the bay.
One man asks the other, “Are there signs that tell them where to jump?”
Customer: “Do you have this shirt in a 3XL?
Store clerk: “No, I’m sorry. The largest size we carry is a 2XL in that shirt.”
Customer: “What?! Isn’t this America?”

 The wind is barely a whisper these days, but the ships are bringing more and more people so be on the watch. Drop off your wind at the bookstore and we’ll enter you in a drawing for a copy of Skagway: City of the New Century.