The Class of 2014 showed up for their outdoor graduation ceremony in a nice ride, courtesy of local auto restorer Tobias Parsons. From left are Donavan Henson, Hannah O’Daniel, Jade Cook, and Zack Wassman. - Katie Emmets


 Two tourists were sitting at a coffee shop sipping coffee. A local resident walked in, ordered a latte and sat down near the couple while it was being made. They start asking her questions and upon finding out she was born and raised in Skagway, they ask, "so what do people from Skagway call themselves?"
"Skagwegian or maybe just a local,” the resident answers.
The woman says, "No, no there is a different name....Klondikers, are you a Klondiker?"
"No, that would be the people from the gold rush in 1898.”
She looks puzzled and frustrated, and says, "Well, what was that name...a...hmmm....oh, a sourgdough, are you a sourdough?"
"No, we're just locals."
She seemed unsatisfied and disappointed but had no other guesses as to a local’s nickname.
And there was this from a sister store in Ketchikan:
A man came into the store and saw a sign that stated, “10 for $10 Sale or $1.99 each” and then demanded that he should be able to get only four items for $4.
When he was told that wasn't the sale, he began to yell and accuse the store of doing illegal selling, and that he was calling the police. He stomped out. Then he came back and demanded he be able to get two items for $1.
“We told him this was our business and we put up the sales we wanted and that we aren't selling them for that price,” the manager said.
He threw the items back into the bin and screamed at the employee, telling her she was going to see him in court. But they haven't heard from him again.

Wow! Between those kinds of unsatisfied customers and bike pilferers and general rules of the road disturbers, we are off to a bit of a rocky start this summer. Everyone take a deep breath, and the good wind will blow soon, free of angst. Summer is supposed to be fun! Turn in your wind to the News Depot for a chance at a free book. This month’s winner is Nicholle Chandler, who will receive a copy of Andrew Cremata’s Fish This!