Sweeping Skagway Clean

Gary Hanson has organized this Clean Sweep project for 25 years.

Stephen Dobert, NPS, waded Pullen Creek in search of trash, and Jim Sager hauled out a big bag and chunk of carpet.

Kathy Hosford serves up hot dogs for the volunteers, and Public Works crew members Grant Lawson, Tyson Ames, Rod Jensen and Tim Gladden unload a pickup.

Photo Story by Ardyce Czuchna-Curl

More than 150 individuals signed up for and participated in the community’s 25th annual Clean Sweep on April 23.
Organized by Gary Hanson and coordinated by Lynette Roseberg, the event appeared to be a huge success as pick-up loads of trash arrived all morning at the recycling station.
Grant Lawson, public works foreman, reported six tons of trash and litter and more than a ton of scrap were collected. Although no records were set, Hanson said, “A lot of litter was collected which is what I think the program is designed to do. I think it went well.”
Jacqueline Lott reported picking up many cigarette butts, two shoes, a glove, gallon-size milk jug, and a Christmas tree with tinsel still attached. Dorothy Brady found a two dollar bill. Dianne Brigham and Donna Snyder collected a crushed beer can with electrical wire duct taped to it. Others found similar items.
Ty Ely and Ethan Moe decided the creek was too deep to tackle. “We found beer cans, beer cans and beer cans,” said Moe.
Molly McCluskey, in her first week in Skagway, said, “I’ve participated in similar projects in New Jersey and San Francisco, but none were community events like this.”
The Clean Sweep brought together folks from throughout the city; and all were rewarded with a free lunch at the Elks. Many were also received prizes donated by local merchants.