The Big White
Northern Premiere
Skagway’s Alaska Film Festival, April 22, 2006

Filming on the White Pass in April 2004. Photo courtesy of "The Big White".

At last, the movie played, and the reviews are in...

Imagine a film made with Oscar winners and directed by Little Dippers!

The music was always at odds with the scenes. (Robin) Williams conveyed a man frustrated and overwhelmed with finances, very good. They did walk off into the sunset, even if it was a septic sunset.

Wow - they took the top lead dog in comedy and hooked him up in the wheel position! No booties, no traction! Bummer. Corpse in trunk, corpse in dumpster, corpse in freezer, corpse in another trunk, corpse to grave, and corpse back to the car trunk again. It now is clear why a good portion of the film was shot in Tormented Valley. That’s a lot of dark trail covered for six or seven decent laughs!!! Price was still a little high.

Good story line, great humor, great acting. Two thumbs up.

Was the message of the movie that you won’t be happy until you are on a plane to Waikiki?

It was reminiscent of a Skagway home movie.

It was hilarious. Dark comedy though, with all the murder. I loved it.

Well, it makes me realize how detail-oriented you have to be to make a good film or write a story – the discrepancies were too many. What did the scenery have to do with the story? If I didn’t live where it was made, I wouldn’t bother. Can Robin Williams have sunk that low? Why did he go to the brother’s cabin?

Fun and funny, especially from a local perspective. It was good to see the scenes we’d heard about from the cast. But, other than our connection to it, the overall product was only fair for such a major motion picture.

Delightfully campy. Is that what they really think about us down there in Hollywood?

Funny, entertaining, too many four letter words. So, so. Never will win an Oscar or be a number one.

It was all right.

This was a pretty strange flick. It’s interesting to see the way they used the weather as part of the story. I thought the set decorations were fairly good too.

It was better than I had expected.

I didn’t like the language.

The film was filled with intricate plots and twists that made the movie worth the wait. Thanks to the cast members, the locals who catered to them, and the park for playing it.

The film was actually better than what I have heard of. Too bad it didn’t give credits to the ski-dooers! Thanks!

Actually, it wasn’t all that bad!! A nice “nonsense” story and best of all the scenery was great!! Thank you!
Holly Hunter made the film!

No store and office building at Fraser Meadow.

Better than I thought. Character building. Patience is a virtue – it’s finally here. Amazing mountain shots!

The greatness of The Big White was due in large part to the location and locals. More moose!

I liked the music!

The premise of the movie was obscure, however it had several funny parts. Holly Hunter was great as a person afflicted with psychosomatic Tourette’s Syndrome.

Very good I think. Hilarious, twisted, over the top! Also really enjoyed when Woody Harrelson came on screen because my brother Shane H. met him here at that time and gave him the eagle talon ivory necklace he wore throughout the movie! As promised!

Interesting movie, Woody Harrelson was wearing my son’s (Shane Horton) necklace that he carved, throughout the movie. Great necklace. The movie overall was funny and sad and depicted an Alaskan gentleness and honesty. Great movie.

This film festival flick was artsy inspired. Scenery great.

I think I’m going to run home and cancel my million dollar life insurance policy.

Hollywood has forgot who’s watching! One of the best love stories about small town people ever.

Cleverly insane.

I never knew just how big Dennis Corrington’s head really is until I sat behind him!

I found this movie very enjoyable with its dark humor and quirky characters. It was fun seeing familiar places altered for the movie. The characters’ surreal interaction helped bring me out of the winter doldrums.

Well, the movie was actually a lot better than I expected. Holly Hunter was great. The film festival and the DVD player were a big disappointment though. Many locals couldn’t get in because of all the Canadians and Haines people. And the DVD, well, that’s not anyone’s fault really, but you think someone would have tried a test run. My review? I laughed. I cried. I kissed two hours goodbye. Have you seen the ending?

Yep – all the way to the credits, which thanked Skagway. Not a great movie but I thought it stood well on its own, can’t understand why it wasn’t released. The performances are quirky enough for it to do OK. “Fargo” comparisons are unfair. Only common thread is the cold weather. It had an Alaska feel to it, as much as “Fargo” felt like Minnesota. I laughed. I thought the ending fit with the rest of the movie, just a bit out there, so why not put the two couples together in a psychic hotline discussion after they paid off the bad guys and buried the bad brother with the twin dead body.

– Compiled from cards collected by filmgoers at the three showings April 22-23 and from e-mails the following week.