SEAWALK OPENS – Some of the season’s first cruise visitors stroll down the new seawalk on their way to downtown Skagway. The seawalk is open, although the new rest rooms (left) and landscaping are among punch-list items that have yet to be completed by contractor Hamilton Construction. The city had to put signs up saying the rest rooms are “under construction.” Jeff Brady

-Heard on the Wind-

All in the preparation
A woman called the visitor center wanting to know “What is the temperature of the ground in July?” so she can decide how thick the soles of her shoes should be when she comes to visit.

Post Office 101
“Look honey, stamps are the same price here as they are back home.”

Roaming ain’t free
A dog without a leash and its owner walked right past a police officer, in uniform.
“Excuse me,” the officer said. “We have a leash law in this town.”
The owner showed the officer a rope in her hand.
“Why aren’t you using it?” the officer asked.
“My dog’s a free spirit.”
She was told how much a ticket cost and put the rope on her dog.

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