Clockwise from top: Parents Ken Cox and Cindy O’Daniel take photos of their children Trevor Cox and Hannah O’Daniel after they won the Athlete of the Year awards; John “O’D” O’Daniel hugs Betty Hather after receiving the school volunteerism award named for her late husband Do; Junior Zoe Wassman accepts the Student of the Year Award from Superintendent Josh Coughran. Katie Emmets

Goebel, Wassman looking strong in track for regional meet in Juneau


Several Skagway track and field athletes achieved standings at the recent seeding meet in Juneau that could potentially have them competing for region titles in events and pushing through to the state competition later this month.
Coach Kent Fielding said the first meet of the season, which took place May 2-3 in Juneau, was a successful one overall.
“Both Ethan Goebel and Zack Wassman had outstanding performances and it feels like we should do well in regions,” he said.
Goebel, a freshman, ran in five races: the 4x8 relay, 800-meter, 1,600-meter, 2,400-meter, and the 3,200-meter. In the 800-meter and 1,600-meter, he was competing against small schools like Skagway, but also 3-4A schools that have more than 400 kids in them. Goebel took second place out of all small school participants in both races. In the 3,200-meter and 2,400-meter, Goebel took third place out of as many as 40 kids participating.
Wassman, a senior, participated in three events: the long jump, the triple jump, and the 4x8 relay. In the long jump, his personal record bested the top jumper in the region at 19 feet long. In the triple jump, his best jump was a total of 37 feet. For the relay, which he ran with teammates Goebel, Colton Belisle and Richard Diechen, the team won first for small schools and ranked third overall, even though they were missing one of their best runners, Trevor Cox.
Fielding said sophomore Al Weber was the only girl who participated in this meet and ran personal best times for the 1,600-meter race and the 3,200-meter race.
“She went in there and did what she wanted to do, which is always good,” he said.
The regional meet is May 16-17 in Juneau, and the state meet will be May 23-24. A region middle school meet will take place on May 15, also in Juneau.