Clockwise from top left: Kathleen O’Daniel picks up trash by the airport fence during Clean Sweep; Local craft brewers Ken Graham and Jesse Dominick talk about their beers with Skagway Home Brew Festival participants; Rosie jumps from Rebecca Hollander’s back to her master Lisa during the dog show at the school. All nine canines took home prize; and Rev. Ryan Mandeville douses a WP&YR engine during the annual blessing of the fleet; Athena Smith picks up by the rail yards;. - Katie Emmets


 A man off one of the first ships of the season walked up to a Skaguay Alaskan newsie on the dock and asked, “Are you the mayor?”
The newsie dutifully responded, “Yes, sir!”
The visitor looked at the other newsie and said, “You must be the vice mayor, then?”
The second newsie took a little offense, and said he wanted to be the mayor.
“I can see we have a political turf war on our hands!” the visitor responded, and handed both boys a tip.

Now that’s the way to start the season! Go get ‘em Newsies! The wind hasn’t been blowing much with all this great spring weather, but it is coming. For those of you who are new to this, just ask your co-workers what to do. It’s a Skagway tradition to accept and give wind in the summer. Drop your wind off with the gang at the News Depot, and the windy one will be most grateful. Remember, all wind collectors are signed up for a monthly drawing!