Public Works Foreman Grant Lawson and Tyson Ames paint yellow warning stripes on the boardwalk by the NPS visitor Center in advance of the visitor season. JB

-Heard on the Wind-

Cheechako wind...
A rookie seasonal explained to the winter bookstore clerk, “They sure love sourdough in Alaska, don’t they?”

Invisible wind...
A man set foot off the gangway on the Veendam, the first ship of the season, and yelled back, “Honey, where do we go?”
There was no response. He turned around and no one was on the gangway. The closest human was the old, grizzled newsie who had just handed the man a paper.
“Don’t look at me?” said the newsie.
His wife came down about a minute later with the man’s tickets.

The next wind is up to you. Blow by the News Depot, send us an e-mail, or find the windy one on the docks in the morning.