EARLY VISITORS WITH A STORY – Dorothy Berrrian (top left) sits next to her two daughters (counter clockwise) Linda and Judy, and friends Helen Hepp, Anna Thurston and Alice Knight at the Red Onion Saloon on April 23. As a 22-year-old, Dorothy planned to get on a boat bound for Alaska in hopes of having fun after ending a four-year relationship but met her husband-to-be on a bus just before she was about to leave. They married less than two months later and discussed visiting Alaska during the 60 years they were married. Though he died before they got to go together, at age 89, Dorothy made it up here with her daughters and friends. They boarded an Alaska Marine Highway ferry in Bellingham and traveled all the way up the Lynn Canal for fun. The day they were in Skagway, they were celebrating Helen’s late mother’s birthday. Helen said her mom loved Alaska and traveled the Alaska Marine Highway regularly. Katie Emmets


A lady called the visitor center in February for a relocation packet.
She said she was wondering what “Ho for the Klondike” meant.
She was assured that it was not a call for a certain profession to come to the Klondike.

Pretty good start, wouldn’t you say? Here’s how it works for you new Skagwayans, Skagwayites or Skagwegians out there. You hear something on the wind, then you report it to the windy one. You will recognize good wind when you hear it. If it doesn’t make you chuckle, just a little, then it probably won’t make it past the ears of the windy one. As the grand master of the Bigger Hammer Marching Band once pronounced, “In Skagway, we take our humor seriously.” Remember to always be gracious hosts to our fine city, even in extremely windy conditions, be careful out there, and have fun. Wind may be dropped off at the News Depot, where there is always free candy, or you can e-mail the windy one at skagnews@aptalaska.net.