Héen Agunataaní Hít

What’s in a name? The Skagway Traditional Council building received its permanent name at its dedication ceremony on Saturday April 16. Héen Agunataaní Hít, is the Tlingit name given to the structure, which means “Whitecaps on the Water House.” The festivities included Native art, dance and food from all over Southeast Alaska and the Yukon. One of the more interesting Native culinary dishes of herring eggs was served and is quite possibly the crunchiest dish ever prepared by man.

Photo Stories by Andrew Cremata

Sneak Peek at A.B. Stick Logic

The Arctic Brotherhood Hall restoration nears completion just in time for its grand unveiling to be held on May 1, at 1 p.m. The two Jeffs (Mull and Litter) work on the countless number of individual driftwood pieces that must be removed, cleaned, resurfaced and put back in place. The building, which is considered to be the most photographed in Alaska, will undoubtedly maintain that distinction for years to come.