AND THEY’RE OFF – Just enough snow had melted on the Seventh Pasture soccer field for a wide-open Easter egg hunt in the toddler division. Jeff Brady

-Heard on the Wind-

Well, we have an early start to the season, based on a couple of experiences here at the News:

“When are you going to do an investigation on why it smells like dog poop all over town?” asked a caller.
It was explained that the odor is simultaneous with a springtime Alaska phenomenon known as snowmelt, something Skagway has not experienced for a few years, but is prevalent in most Alaska towns at this time of year.
Finally, it was pointed out to us that there is an eagle in the cage at the top of the Mt. Roberts Tramway in Juneau, so a woman looking for it in Skagway a while back wasn’t too far off her rocker.

“So, the paper has been sold,” someone informed the bookstore clerk.
The customer was told that the business had not been sold, and probably wouldn’t be sold till the end of the summer, at the earliest.
Next time, go to the source upstairs. The wind stops here.

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