Men’s League Finale
Final regular season standings
Alleycats 335-265
Hardware Ravens 314.5-285.5
Eagles 295.5-304.5
Sexual Pterodactyl 289-311
Alaska Marine Line 284.5-315.5
Pizza Station 281.5-318.5
One of the closest regular seasons in recent memory concluded on March 5. Every team had a mathematical chance to make the playoffs right up to the last two weeks. But in the end, the Eagles edged out the Sexual Pterodactyls for third place and earned the right to play second place Skagway Hardware Ravens in a best of five game playoff on March 11.
The Ravens won game one behind Jed Greenstreet’s 181, but then both teams alternated wins through four games to set up a final deciding game. Brian Blanchard had already bowled three great games 225-223-214 and he responded again in the final game with a 221. But Rod Fairbanks matched Brian with a clutch 185 as the Ravens prevailed in the final game to take the series. John O’Daniel greatly helped his team as he was well over his average for all five games including a 191 and 189 game. Mitch Snyder and Jed Greenstreet also came through strong in game five as the Ravens prevailed by 23 points.
The next night, the Ravens took on first place Alleycats in the first three of a best-of-seven series for the championship. The Ravens seemed a bit tired in game one, but the Alleycats came out fired up and took game one behind Stan Selmer’s 206 and Wayne Ames’ 196. But then, the Alleycats cooled way off and the Ravens easily won game two. In game three, the Alleycats came back. Everybody scored over their average, especially Gary Hanson with a 192.
This set up a final evening of bowling on the following Saturday, March 18, with the Alleycats ahead two games to one. Stan started out hot again for the Alleycats with a 180 game and the ‘Cats won by 14 points to take a commanding three games to one lead. Facing a do or die in game five, Robert Murphy bowled a 192 and Jed bowled a 193 for the Ravens. But it was not enough, Stan rolled another 180, Si had a 179 and Gary pulled a 232 game from out of somewhere. The Alleycats are the champions for the 2005-2006 season.
After the bowling was done, we gave out the following team and individual awards:
Team series: 1. Alaska Marine Lines 3204, 2. Sexual Pterodactyls 3196.
Team game: 1. Alleycats 1119, 2. Eagles 1118.
Ind. Series scratch: 1. Brian Blanchard 681, 2. Jed Greenstreet 588.
Ind. Game scratch: 1. Brian Blanchard 244, 2. Jed Greenstreet 277.
Ind. Game handicap: 1. Adrian Bricker 271, 2. Jed Greenstreet 267.
Ind. Series handicap: 1. Mike Welch 727, 2. Andy Hansen 716.
Most improved: Lars Larson 123-144 (+21)
High average: Brian Blanchard 196.
Gotcha leader: Si Dennis 0.648.
Congratulations to all. Hope to see you next fall at the bowling alley! – GARY HANSON

Women’s League Wrap-up
League champ is Kone Kompany, showing power by taking four out of five games in the championship series against Fairway. Kone Kompany team members are Janet O’Daniel (capt.), Kathy Pierce, Dianne Brigham, Kerry Cochran, and Donna Powell. As a team, they went 40 pins over their averages in the five games.
Fairway members are Karen Gee (capt.), Tara Mallory, Willeke Burnham, Debbie Knorr, Kelli Andrews, and Melesa McKnight. To get to the championship playoffs, Fairway had a challenge from Skagway North, whose team members are Lisa Whitehead (capt.), Denise Welch, Tina Mayo, Allison Haas, and Virginia Long. Those four games were all close. Skag. North averaged 781 per game and Fairway 801.
At the party and awards night on March 21 these officers were elected for next year: Pres. Joann Arnold, Vice Pres. Michelle McCormick, Sec-Treas. Connie Conard and Su Rappleye., and Sgt.-at-Arms Willeke Burnham. The league voted to dissolve their WIBC association and merge with the Skagway men bowlers to become part of the USBA.
Awards were given for:
Sportsmanship: Connie Conard.
Nearly perfect attendance: Tina Mayo.
Perfect attendance: Denise Welch.
500 Club Tourney (high game & series): 1. Karen Gee, 2. Jackie Schaefer.
Lowest series: Elizabeth Burnham ($25 cold cash from Jackie)
Gotcha leader: Janet O’Daniel ($50 gift cert. from Rappleye’s ‘Rithmetic).
Cuss box fund winner: Brandie PerDue.
Gertrude Beitinger Appreciation Award (given by Connie): Willeke Burnham.
High team game: Frontier 956.
High team series: Skagway Sourdough 2495.
High game: Janet O’Daniel 223.
High series: JoAnn Arnold 556.
Most improved average: 1. Dianne Brigham (+14), 2. Donna Powell (+8).
Cellar champs: Skagway Sourdough.
The women bowlers are looking forward to next March when the State Tournament will be in Juneau. Think now about joining a team next September! – CONNIE CONARD