Thank you to a well-trained SVFD

On a night when they had just completed their weekly training session, the volunteers of the Skagway Volunteer Fire Department put it to excellent use. All those hours of training are meant get them ready for any kind of fire, and this week’s was the type that the downtown has not seen in many years: a hot fire in an old building in the Historic District on a very windy night.

The fire that appeared to have started in the northwest section of the old 1960s era wing of the Westmark was fairly involved by the time firefighters showed up. It took every ounce of energy and a lot of the town’s water supply to keep up with the fire as it jumped from room to room, and through crawl spaces, and then tried to creep up the Diamonds International building next door. It also threw sparks across the alley at much larger wings of the hotel and other buildings to the north. Just when firefighters thought they had it under control, it would flare up again, well into the daylight hours. But they got the job done.

The fact that a fire of this magnitude and difficulty was contained to two buildings was remarkable. And we can’t thank the fire department enough. – WJB