‘Ditch Day’ Dramatics

Photos by Andrew Cremata

Skagway Drama Club director Blaine Mero promised a lot of “cheese” in his production of Tim Kelly’s “Ditch Day” and did not disappoint. From its Pink Floyd opening number to the strobe-lighted chase scene through a shopping mall, the play was a delightfully campy romp involving a high school prank and an evil principal, with lots of really dumb adult characters thrown in. Top, students check their watches for a treasure hunt that will turn them into thieves and heroes. Above right, jewel thieves Buzz Ivo (KC Mayo) and Quality Du Jour (Krikit Bounds) spy, scheme and finally fess up, and left, school dropout “Trent Everpopular” tries to sell anyone who crosses his path a watch, a lottery ticket, anything. - JB