Pete Lucchetti and Bruce Schindler carve at dusk in Breckenridge, Colorado.

'The Last Iceberg'

Photos by Doug Smith of Team USA Alaska from Skagway

Team USA/Alaska – Peter Lucchetti, Bruce Schindler, Ken Graham, and Chris Macintosh, along with PR man Doug Smith – created a sculpture at Breckenridge called “The Last Iceberg”. Much like their previous efforts, it mixed humor with a message – and big Alaska wildlife – a perfect combination that landed the team their second straight People’s Choice award in the international competition.
The sculpture’s setting is the North Pole. An Inuit man paddles up to the last iceberg on the planet, and to his dismay, finds a bear on top of the iceberg. The hungry bear, who has been looking for food, leans over and takes a lick of the salmon in the man’s kayak.
“Wow” and “That’s awesome!” were the most common comments from the thousands of observers during the three-days of carving at the Colorado ski resort, Smith said. The team passed out hundreds of pins that said, “Team Alaska Snowsculpture, Skagway.”

The team will begin carving at the Sourdough Rendezvous in Whitehorse Feb. 24.

The crew takes measurements from the macquette to convert to the massive block behind them.

Thousands of people stopped to look at the sculptures. Doug Smith tells the story behind the sculpture to a group of Colorado school kids.

Touching up the North Pole, backside view of the sculpture showing the surprised Inuit man in his kayak.

A final view of the bear licking the salmon in front of the peace sign from the Chinese team.