Teaching cuts painful; don't make them last

The school board has been put in a tough position with dwindling enrollment and a tighter operating budget to work with. It was painful to watch the combining of the history and English positions a few years ago, and it has been just as painful this time around with the cutting of a staff position so one teacher can teach math and science.

The move was probably necessary, given the timing of a resignation in the high school that avoided cutting an actual person, but it was painful. Could it have been avoided? Definitely. There were other areas that could have been cut, but the school building needs and elementary could have suffered. The high school was a better place to do the staff cut, but the district should be looking at this as a temporary budget fix.

Ten more kids would be the best way to fix the budget gap, but there could be other solutions. If the state shows some more responsibility for our children and gives the districts more foundation money, which they all need, a teacher should be hired. If the school can find grants for staff training and curriculum development or any number of things that would free up enough money, a teacher should be hired. If high school enrollment increases as younger kids move up in grades, a teacher should be hired or shifted over from the elementary.

We have a great little school, but the smaller the teaching staff gets, the harder it is going to be to continue the academic quality we have become accustomed to, all the way through high school. – WJB