Jake Henricksen shows his shooting touch against the Hoonah Braves, and Sierra Moran drives toward the hoop. Photos by Andrew Cremata

Girls post two early wins, work to overcome ‘freshmen mistakes’

The Skagway girls showed some rust from their year off, but this young team posted a couple of wins at the start of the season and is working on getting stronger.
The Panthers opened at home with splits against Hoonah and Klawock, but fell hard the nights they lost in the Don Hather Tourney. Then, against an improved Hydaburg team last week, Skagway could not overcome some physical ailments in losses to the Warriors.
“We showed our age out there in a few of those (tourney) games,” said coach Lara Labesky. “We did some good things. We are learning every time we are out there. We didn’t lose confidence.”
Several girls suffered shin splints after the tourney and were hampered against Hydaburg Jan. 14-15.
“Hydaburg has a few more good players than in the past, but we just couldn’t run up and down the court,” Labesky said. Skagway lost by just one in the opener against the Warriors, but “we played like zombies” in the second game, she said.
The team has been “taking it easy” in practice this last week, she added. “Hopefully they will get their legs back. The games in Angoon should be competitive. We should be able to move up and down the court.”
Overall, Labesky said her young team will make “freshmen mistakes,” but by tournament time “we should be able to compete with anybody.”
The biggest surprise of the young season has been the play of junior Cierra “CC” Hahn, Labesky said. “She had never played basketball before and is now an integral part of the team. She keeps the team going with her hustle and heart.”
Freshmen Paige Hahn and Emily Herbig already are turning other coaches’ heads with their skills, said Labesky, proving the team has a bright future. Junior guard Sierra Moran has been “keeping things under control,” and classmates Teslyn Korsmo and Allie Doland have been working on their shots and are “incredibly coachable,” Labesky added.
A good example was last week when team members asked Labesky to meet them in the morning for some shooting drills. “That makes you feel good as a coach,” she said.

GIRLS (2-6 overall, 2-4 league)
Jan. 3 – Hoonah 55, Skagway 14: HNH- Skaflestad 28, Lampe 11, White 6, Sheakley 6, Mills 4; SGY- A. Doland 4, P. Hahn 4, Herbig 4, C. Hahn 2.
Jan. 4 – Skagway 32, Hoonah 30: SGY- P. Hahn 18, C. Hahn 8, Moran 4, Herbig 2; HNH- Skaflestad 8, White 6, Lampe 5, Koenig 5, Sheakley 4, Mills 2.
Jan. 5 – Skagway 36, Klawock 30: SGY- P. Hahn 17, C. Hahn 11, Herbig 5, A. Doland 2, Moran 1; KLA- Plumley 11, Ramirez 7, Skinna 6, Busse 4, Morgan 2.
Jan. 6 – Haines 59, Skagway 21: Heinmiller 18, Phillips 11, Hansen 7, J. Lende 6, Visscher 4, Daly 4, Clay 4, S. Lende 4; SGY- P. Hahn 11, C. Hahn 4, Moran 2, Herbig 2, Jensen 2.
Jan. 7 (non-league)– Hoonah 57, Skagway 21: HNH- Skaflestad 22, Lampe 21, Sheakly 8, White 2, Mills 2, Koenig 2; SGY- Herbig 8, C. Hahn 5, Korsmo 2, A. Doland 2, P. Hahn 2, Henricksen 2.
Jan. 8 – Klawock 44, Skagway 40: KLA- Skinna 24, Ramirez 8, Morgan 4, Plumley 4, Busse 2; SGY - Herbig 12, C. Hahn 9, P. Hahn 7, Moran 4, A. Doland 4, Korsmo 4.
Jan. 14 – Hydaburg 34, Skagway 33: HYD- Cline 9, Kadake 8, Guthrie 7, Grant 6, S. Fawcett 2, L. Fawcett 2; SGY- P. Hahn 14, Korsmo 6, Herbig 6, C. Hahn 4, E. Doland 2, A. Doland 1.
Jan. 15 – Hydaburg 52, Skagway 24: HYD- Kadake 13, Cline 13, Grant 8, Carlson 5, S. Fawcett 5, Frank 4, L. Fawcett 4; SGY- Herbig 8, P. Hahn 5, Moran 5, C. Hahn 4, Korsmo 2.

Other Don Hather Tourney Girls Scores
Tok 38, Porter Creek 30; Porter Creek 46, Vanier 35; Tok 30, Hoonah 28; Klawock 49, FH Collins 35; Tok 41, Haines 38; Vanier 49, Klawock 44; FH Collins 47, Porter Creek 46; Hoonah 46, Vanier 25; Haines 46, FH Collins 30.
Girls Tourney Records: Tok 3-0, Haines 2-1, Hoonah 2-1, FH Collins 1-2, Skagway 1-2, Klawock 1-2, Porter Creek 1-2, Vanier 1-2.

Emily Herbig battles inside for the Panthers., and Mickey Wilson goes in for a layup.

Boys looking for first win; tourney an ‘eye-opener’

No trip to Angoon, looking for chance to show improvement

The Skagway boys had a rough start out of the gate this season, but players are learning to work together as a team and improve their sportsmanship, said coach Chris Wassman.
After going winless against Hoonah and through some frustrating games in the Don Hather Tourney, Wassman said he focused on showing the kids how well they can do when they run their offense. They watched game videos before their next contest against Klawock, “and the team realized they weren’t running the play, that they can’t play one on five,” he said. “The tourney was a real eye-opener.”
In the second game against the Chieftains, Skagway ran the play, found the open lanes for buckets, and was down by just a point at halftime. But they lapsed into not running the offense again in the third quarter, Wassman said, which cost them the game. They got back on track in the final quarter, but ended up losing by 13.
They knew what they had to work on, and in practice over the past two weeks, the level of play and attitudes have improved greatly, he said. Against some adult players in practice, the boys have gone from losing by 25, to beating the practice squad by 10 or 15 points.
“They ‘re doing great, coming together as a team, running the play over and over again,” Wassman said. “It’s showing in their attitudes too, better sportsmanship. We’ve been working on that... They’re cheering each other on, giving high fives.”
The Panther boys were prepared to head to Angoon this weekend, but received a call Tuesday that the Eagles could not field a boys team.
“It’s too bad,” he said. “We were really looking forward to Angoon.”
Faced with the prospect of not having another game until Feb. 9, Wassman was working this week to schedule a formal scrimmage game with a local team this weekend to show the community how much they have improved.
Wassman said he has talent, speed, and some tough kids.
In the past two weeks, Nate Herbig has been coming on strong, “getting the hunger,” he said, and Mickey Wilson is working on his leadership role as point guard. Thomas Etue has been one of the key figures in running the offense, and they have been working down low with Jacob Cotton, who is setting some great screens.
“If we run the play, we can stay on the floor with anyone,” Wassman said. “Our defense is good – our issue has been consistently putting points on the board.”
That’s improving too – they put up 61 points in an hour-long practice scrimmage last week. “Now they are starting to get it, ” he said.

BOYS (0-6 overall, 0-4 league)
Jan. 3 – Hoonah 65, Skagway 30: HNH- Lindstrom 16, Koenig 13, Lindoff 8, Byers 12, Hill 7, Carteeti 7; SGY- Jo. Cotton 7, Wilson 7, Twitchell 5, Littlefield 4, Dennis 2, Forester 2.
Jan. 4 – Hoonah 56, Skagway 31: HNH- Lindstrom 16, Hill 13, Lindoff 10, Koenig 9, Carteeti 4, Byers 2, Skaflestad 1; SGY- Henricksen 10, Cotton 8, Wilson 7, Dennis 4, Littlefield 2.
Jan. 5 – Klawock 72, Skagway 44: KLA- Washington 28, Stockton 9, Wilson 8, Hall 7, Colcord 4, Isaacs 3, Sanderson 1; SGY- Henricksen 18, Jo. Cotton 9, Littlefield 7, Wilson 5, Ja. Cotton 3, Dennis 1, Twitchell 1.
Jan. 6 – Haines 79, Skagway 36: HNS- Fossman 28, Narum 14, Kemp 12, Hart 9, Falvey 5, Baltzell 5, Olsen 4, Johnson 2; SGY- Henricksen 11, Jo. Cotton 8, Littlefield 7, Wilson 6, Dennis 2, Twitchell 2.
Jan. 7 – Vanier 61, Skagway 42: VAN- Boychuk 25, Mackenzie 16, Hougen 7, Nielson 6, Boychuk 2, Gray 2; SGY- Jo. Cotton 18, Henricksen 7, Littlefield 6, Ja. Cotton 6, Twitchell 3, Dennis 2.
Jan. 8 – Klawock 55, Skagway 42: KLA- Armour 12, Washington 11, Hall 11, Stockton 8, Isaacs 6, Sanderson 3, Wilson 2, Colcord 2; SGY- Henricksen 15, Jo. Cotton 8, Wilson 5, Etue 5, Littlefield 4, Ja. Cotton 3, Twitchell 2.

Other Don Hather Tourney Boys Scores
Hoonah 62, Vanier 19; FH Collins 48, Tok 44; Porter Creek 54, Haines 50; Tok 56, Vanier 53; Hoonah 55, FH Collins 49; Porter Creek 54, Klawock 45; Haines 69, Tok 58; FH Collins 51, Klawock 43; Porter Creek 50, Hoonah 45.
Boys Tourney Records: Porter Creek 3-0, Hoonah 2-1, FH Collins 2-1, Haines 2-1, Klawock 1-2, Vanier 1-2, Tok 1-2, Skagway 0-3.