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BSC reorganizes under Log Cabin Ski Society

Online registration forms for March 24 ski race to appear on new site soon


The 26th Annual Buckwheat Ski Classic will be seeing a few firsts including the gradual exit of Buckwheat himself.
At the end of the 2011 ski classic, Buckwheat Donahue announced he would not return to head the event.
Although there were concerns within the ski classic community about the race’s continuation, residents of Skagway joined together in the fall to form the Log Cabin Ski Society.
This non-profit group’s mission is to preserve and maintain the Log Cabin B.C. cross country ski trails and organize the Buckwheat Ski Classic “for competitors of all ages and abilities so that everyone will have a howlin’ good time.”
“Buckwheat agreed to be president for the first year,” said society secretary Jeff Brady.
Other officers include Tim Bourcy and Su Rappleye with Mike Korsmo and Stuart Brown as the main trail crew volunteers.
Donahue said he would mostly be involved with the fundraising portion of the ski classic, adding that it would be an easier transition for both himself and the Log Cabin Ski Society.
“I need to introduce the people who have been sponsoring it for years to the Log Cabin Ski Society so they could put new faces to the event,” he said. “Next year, when we ask them to consider financing to the event, it won’t be my face but different members of the community.”
Those who are interested can join the Log Cabin Ski Society by paying an annual membership fee of $10. The money will go to towards equipment for maintaining the trails.
Another change to the Buckwheat Ski Classic is the location of the banquet.
“We decided to move the banquet from the Eagles to the Rec Center because in the last four to five years it got really crammed in there,” Brady said, adding that there has been more than 300 people in attendance. “They couldn’t allow people in the balcony, and for the last two years it was standing room only.”
After seeing what a good job the Skagway Rec. Center did with the Yuletide Ball and the Home Brew Festival, the officers of the Log Cabin Ski Society thought it would be best to transfer the banquet there.
Along with a new group to oversee the event and a new banquet location, 2012 marks the first year for online registration.
Starting about Jan. 30, ski classic participants can fill out entry forms at
Brady said a $5 increase would be added onto the registration fee this year. The increase, which Brady said is the first since the event’s creation 26 years ago, will cover the cost of the online registration service.
Print entry forms will still be available at usual locations starting in early February.